About Us

Hunan Vanke Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and development, production, sales of advanced pharmaceutical new materials as well as the CMO production services.
With more than 20 years of industry experience, the founder of our company has successfully developed more than 20 new types of new pharmaceutical materials, which are widely used in anti-cancer and anti-viral APIs and pharmaceutical preparations.
After continuous technical research and development, our company has developed a series of proprietary technologies such as ammoniation technology, fluorination technology, hydrogenation reduction technology, Grignard reaction technology, vulcanization technology and sulfhydrylation technology. At the same time, our company is actively working on the research and development of various new drugs: now, our company is cooperating with Dr. Zhang Xiaokun (Dean of College of Pharmacy of Xiamen University, professor, doctoral supervisor and natio Chair Professor of Yangtze River Scholar of Ministry of Education, winner of the first batch) in the research and development of antiviral, cardiovascular and cancer targeted new drugs.
With very rich experience and a complete system, our company has good ability to undertake CMO production services.
Our company established a new production base in Hunan province, namely Hunan Vanke Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. through investment promotion; covering an area of 53,360 square meters, Hunan Vanke Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has built 6 Class A plants and supporting facilities. It will continue to produce original products, expand production capacity and introduce new products.
Trust and support are extremely precious! 2020 is a little different, but opportunities and challenges coexist. We will, as always, uphold the concept of "pragmatism, integrity, learning, and towards kindness", and abide by the tenet of "quality first, reputation supreme". Our company has always insisted and is committed to achieving this promise of "technology, innovation, quality and dedication", and does our best to provide high-quality products and services for customers all around the world. We sincerely welcome new and old customers to give suggestion and visit!
History of development:
1998: Contracted the API branch of Hubei Tianmen Pharmaceutical Factory
2000: Established Zhejiang Materials Chongyi Pharmaceutical Chemical Co., Ltd.
2011: Attracted investment to Fujian to establish Fujian Vanke Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
2020: Withdrew all shareholders, operation management and technical teams from Fujian Vanke Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
2020: Henan Vanke Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is established
Go forward, never stop!